Coats for Kids

Every morning I wake up, tear myself from the loving embrace of my toasty bed to take my beloved Jack for his morning walk.  This ritual is followed rain or shine, hot or cold.  Since in recent months it’s been nothing but cold, I bundle up to the point where my outfit can pass as a burka.  I leave a narrow slit between hat and scarf to partially see where I’m going and be on the look out for any sneaky squirrels.  Our home is close to the high school and we encounter several teens on our daily route.  These youngsters are observed wearing a scanty t-shirt with a mere zip hoodie on top.  Not a hat on the head or a glove on the hand.  Its averaged 20-30 degrees all winter and these deprived youths don’t appear to have coats.  Its not just one or two, male or female, but all who seem without a proper cover up.  

Judging by the way these kids are dressed, one would think that I live in an impoverished area. Quite the contrary, I live in Northern NJ amidst many affluent homes (I happen to live in a meager townhouse on the other side of the tracks but share the same zip code none the less).  So it baffles me that in the bitter windy cold with two feet of snow on the ground, our futures traipse around with a thin piece of fleece.  Is it because they are young and have higher body temperatures?  Have coats become out of style in the 15 years since I’ve been a high school student?  Has the economy affected even the well-to-do to the point that they cannot afford coats for their children?  (Although, I don’t think the recession is the problem because these coat-less kids are all wearing $200 Uggs on their feet.)  Perhaps I have become too far removed from the teenage world to understand this phenomenon so I will continue to shroud myself in layers outside and deem this yet another unsolved mystery.      


Cougar Tales said...

Since I dress up like a large man in the winter, I am with you on not understanding! :-0
- Cougs @

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