TTC and Other Acronyms I Never Knew Existed

We Americans sure do love our acronyms - all 4 million of them.  With the many abbreviated "words" our society has created, you can practically write an entire sentence without saying an actual word.  By now we've all gotten accustomed to LOL or ROTFL when something is funny but it wasn't until a few weeks ago while reading forums on pregnancy topics where I discovered a whole new world of abbreviations I never knew existed and were it not for Google, I still wouldn't know how to communicate preconception with as few words as possible.
You see, my DH (Dear Husband) and I have been TTC (Trying To Conceive) for about a year now and have yet to witness a BFP (Big Fat Positive). 


As with any book there is a preface or introduction, so I thought it would be appropriate to have one for my blog.
I actually went on Blogger and created a page in August of 2008 but never posted anything to it. Here was this vacant URL out there waiting for words, waiting to be read but due to my ever present procrastination, nothing ever surfaced.

I was motivated to start a blog because I realized one of the things I used to love to do was write. In high school I had won awards and scholarships for the things I had written. Although my poems were what was published in school literary texts, it was the unedited, candid words residing in my diary (later referred to as a journal because I felt I was too old to have a "diary")where I found the most comfort. As an introverted teen without many friends to confide in, I found the pages of my journal to be a great listener and therapist. But for some reason as I got older, the need to consult this trusted friend diminished. Whether it was because in college and thereafter I came into my own, found those friends to confide in, or simply didn't have the time, those pages of the many blank journals I had remained uninhabited.

It wasn't until last year that I felt I could benefit from rekindling the defunct relationship between myself and my journal but times have changed. No longer do I need to keep my thoughts and words confined to the desolate pages of a journal but can create a blog, an e-journal for others to read. And even if this turns into the time that my friend and I were AM radio DJs at the Rutgers radio station which no one ever listened to, at least I will have recorded my thoughts; only this time in a more new millennium way.

Just a brief blurb about me - I am a female in my early (gasp) 30's living in Northern NJ with my husband and lovely dog. I place great value on family, sincerity and true friendship. Some of the things I am most interested in is music (Rock and Jazz mostly), travel, animals, and good food. I have a tendency to procrastinate - a flaw I am working to change (starting with this blog). I guess through future blogs more about me will inevitably be revealed..for now, this is just my thoughts..and my two cents.

The Cove Secret is Out.

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